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Urban Legend
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Urban Legend  (Audio CD) 
by T.I.

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The King of the South is back with his highly anticipated Urban Legend. After spending a good part of 2004 dealing with legal issues, T.I. is now ready to take over. Months of anticipation created by underground tracks circulated throughout the mixtape circuit and some controversial moments have made T.I. the one to wait for. The lead single "Bring Em Out" will be a club anthem with great potential to go all the way at radio and video outlets. With special guest appearances from Pharrell Williams, B.G., Lil' Jon, DAZ, Ciara, Jazze Pha and production from Lil' Jon, KLC, Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz, Fury, DJ Toomp, KAO & Sanchez this album is sure to be a hip hop classic.

Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: November 30, 2004
Studio: Atlantic
Number Of Discs: 1
Average Customer Rating: based on 227 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Tha King
2. Motivation
3. U Don't Know Me
5. Prayin For Help
6. Why U Mad At Me
7. Get Loose
8. What They Do
9. The Greatest
10. Get Ya S*** Together
11. Freak Though
12. Countdown
13. Bring Em Out
14. Limelight
15. Chillin With My B****
16. Stand Up
17. My Life
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 227 customer reviews )
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5T.I. Is The King of the South  Jan 28, 2005
By Dorrie Wheeler
T.I. wants everyone to know that he is The King of the South. T.I. has been in the rap game for some time now, but he only recently started getting a lot of mainstream attention after the success of his songs "Rubberband Man" and "Let's Get Away" featuring Jazze Pha. Both of these hit songs were featured on T.I.'s 2003 hit album Trap Muzik.

Urban Legend is the follow-up to Trap Muzik. Urban Legend was released in late 2004 and is in stores now.

The first single from Urban Legend, "Bring Em Out," has been the party anthem of the winter club season. This was the perfect first single to be released from this album which is hot like fire.

The album opens up with the song, "Tha King," everyone knows that T.I. is the King of the South and he affirms this on this track. This song is followed by the mellow track, "Motivation." This laid back track is the perfect album cut.

T.I. fans got a taste of track "U Don't Know Me" at the end of the video for "Bring Em Out." This crunk song really gets the club crunk to pieces. The fella's are really feeling this song.

"ASAP" is a CRAZY track. This melodic track is just off the hook. I think this will be a great 3rd or 4th single from Urban Legend. "Why U Mad At Me," is another song with a crazy track. The production on Urban Legend is melodic, original, catchy and fresh.

The first six tracks of Urban Legend feature T.I. doing his thing solo. Tracks 7-11 feature guests artists. Nelly is up first on "Get Loose." I personally found this collabo a bit of a disappointment. I expected more from these two powerhouse rappers together. It's an okay album track.

Fellow Southern Rapper BG is featured on "What They Do," Mannie Fresh is featured on "The Greatest," Lil Kim is featured on "Get Ya S*** Together", and Pharrell is featured on track #11 "Freak Through." Out of these four songs "The Greatest" seems to be radio friendly and Mannie Fresh doesn't disappoint with his production. "Freak Through" featuring Pharrell is crazy and I think it would be a great second single.

"Chillin With My B***" is another laid back track that features Jazze Pha. So if you liked "Let's Get Away," you will probably be feeling this song. One of the most anticipated songs on the album is the all-star track "Stand Up" which features Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, and Trick Daddy. This song is okay, a perfect album track.

Urban Legend is an album that T.I. fans will enjoy. T.I. is best on the tracks by himself, he could really have carried the entire album without any guests artists. Album after album you can't help to notice that T.I. is just getting better and better. The flow and lyrics are on point and the production rocks.

Other guests artists featured on Urban Legend include Daz Dillinger, P$C, and Big Kuntry.

Bella Rap Editor

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4Urban Legend gives Ludacris competition of who runs the ATL  Dec 28, 2004
By mcgreezy
Atlantic Records should let T.I. do anything he wants. He saves them a lot of money on promotion. In 2004, T.I. has had beef with Lil Flip, a questionable beef with Ludacris, and he's gone to prison. The execs should thank T.I. for all the free promotion he does for himself. With that out of the way, let me get to T.I.'s third studio (yes this is his third not second studio release) release, Urban Legend. Trap Muzik's hit singles "Rubberband Man" and "Let's Get Away" gave the fans a lot of interest of what this offering would bring. And it does not disappoint. You can never go wrong when you have Swizz Beatz produce your first single, "Bring Em Out," which is tearing up the clubs all over the country at this moment. Long T.I. fans will be glad to see that he has a lot features on this album. Nelly on "Get Loose," B.G. on "What They Do," Mannie Fresh on "The Greatest," Lil Kim on "Get Ya S*** Together," and Pharell on "Freak Though." What's funny, however, as these songs are tracks 7-11 on the album!! Don't worry though even with those special guests, T.I. is able to shine. He has 9 tracks all to his lonesome.

The P.S.C; Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Trick Daddy, Daz Dillinger, and Jazze Pha also lend a helping hand to the King of the South. T.I. is always on the gangster tip such in songs like "U Don't Know Me," which separates him for Ludacris in that area. Ludacris is always on that "friendly stuff" as I would say. Funny that Urban Legend was released a week before the Red Light District hit the shelves.

Album Overview:
1. Tha King - Bold and cocky song by T.I. "Sucka MCs outta call me sire," is what T.I.P. proclaims throughout the song. Very good listen
2. Motivation - "Tha King" was fast paced and "Motivation" slows down the flow of the album a bit. You can definitely tell that this was one of the songs he wrote in prison.
3. U Don't Know Me - That's that gangsta stuff I've been talking about. You'll recognize this song as the b-side of the "Bring Em Out" video. Don't mess with him is the message of this track.
4. ASAP - This song gets heavy rotation in my car. The beat is very impressive and the lyrics are top notch. Part two of "Tha King" in my opinion.
5. Prayin For Help - A personal ballad that is a nice change of pace from the direction the album was going in. It is exactly what you think it is.
6. Why You Mad At Me - Do not know about this one. It's a good listen, but I usually skip this one. It seems very contradicting of the "U Don't Know Me" track earlier on the album.
7. Get Loose - Don't be surprised to hear this as a single off the album. Nelly makes a nice cameo and complements the rhythm and beat.
8. What They Do - B.Gizzle is back again with a cameo. I thought this song would be garbage, but T.I. does a great job here.
9. The Greatest - Definitely not one of the greatest tracks on the album. Mannie Fresh does the hook on this one.
10. Get Ya S*** Together - I hope this makes it out as a single. My 2nd favorite song on the album behind "Limelight." Lil Kim does the hook and that is about it. The beat is very good.
11. Freak Though - Definitely the Neptunes plateau. Pharell sings the chorus. I am not a big fan of this song, but I can tolerate it more that "The Greatest."
12. Countdown - The beat is very strong and the hook is very catchy and will get stuck in your head when you listen to it a lot. As a matter of fact I can't get it out of my head at this moment.
13. Bring Em Out - Perfect 1st single. You can never go wrong with a Jay-Z ad-lib sampling off "What More Can I Say" (acapella version) and Swizz Beatz doing the production. The beat catches your attention immediately when you hear it.
14. Limelight - Gangsta lovin' I would say. My favorite track on the album. T.I. allows the P.S.C. to shine on most of the song, but he does have a verse at the end.
15. Chillin With My B**** - Not a very compelling song. Jazze Pha does the chorus here. Probably the only skippable track on this album.
16. Stand Up - Lil Wayne gets a verse, Trick Daddy gets a verse, and T.I. gets a verse. Lil Jon does the hook. I really like this one.
17. My Life - It would only be right for T.I. have a song called "My Life." It seems like everyone and their momma has to have a track with that name. "My Life" is one of the most overused titles since "F*** The World."

Going to prison will always give you a good street reputation, but it is a bad for a long music career. As long as T.I. can stay out of trouble, he will be the King of the South soon or a later. Ludacris definitely has some competition of who runs the ATL. Urban Legend may not fare well in sells like the Red Light District, but in my opinion, Urban Legend by T.I. is better than the Red Light District. Don't worry though T.I. If Atlantic Records doesn't give you the money you deserve, there are plenty of other labels that would capitalize on your free publicity.

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4T.I not the "King", but pretty close to claiming the throne  Dec 10, 2004
By musiqstar87 "Erick"
T.I has had a fast-paced year. After his last album 'Trap Muzik' broke out in the commercial scene he scored three major hits ("24's", "Rubberband Man", "Let's Get Away") and went platinum in the process. Shortly after that he was arrested for possession of an illegal substance & was facing up to three years in prison. Luckily, he got out in a few months. During his time in prison another southern rapper, Lil' Flip, started talking some very unneccessary smack about T.I while he was behind bars. When it came time for Atlanta's Birthday Bash 9 T.I was let out to perform on stage. He let out some comments about all the crap Flip had been spreading around & challenged Flip onstage for a one-on-one to see who was the better rapper. Flip, instead of coming onstage, ran back to his bus & got the hell out of Atlanta, taking a flight back to Texas. A week or so later Flip made some comments to the news about T.I saying "he was mad cuz i wouldn't let him on the 'Game Over' remix". Flip also dissed T.I several more times. After this T.I created his mixtape 'Down With Tha King' and literally destroyed Flip's reputation in hip-hop. He bashed Flip severely with his remake of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" by adding a subtitle "99 Problems (Lil Flip Ain't One)" and bashing him furiously throughout the song. He even got southern rap icon Scarface on the phone (who Flip had previously said he was down with) to confirm that Flip was a liar. Also on this mixtape were samples of an upcoming album.

During all this madness T.I managed to pull together enough tracks for his third studio set 'Urban Legend'. Upon first listening to UL you would get the feeling that he is pretty confident in being the 'King of the South'. The disc opens with "Tha King", a track in which he tries to prove his claims to the throne. The song samples a Run DMC line famous from "King Of Rock" and makes several references to Run-DMC classics.

The next few tracks go in somewhat of an order. "Motivation" has a great beat over which T.I raps about how all the hate is only fuel to his genius. Following this up is "U Don't Know Me", a track previously heard on the DWTK mixtape (as mentioned above). Next is "ASAP", another furious track towards haters with an unforgettable hook ("I'll blow you off the map A-S-A-P").

The discs first real stretch from hearing T.I as nothing more than an angry rapper is on "Praying For Help", a track in which he justifies his anger and lets the fans know he's just praying for help through his music. Next up is "Why U Mad At Me?", which is pretty self-explanatory in its content.

A slur of party-aimed tracks come up in the next few minutes of the disc. The high-charged "Get Loose" (featuring Nelly), the Mannie Fresh-produced & guest starring "Greatest" & the club banger "Get Yo **** Together" (featuring Lil' Kim) are broken in-between only by the grimy "What They Do" (feat. B.G). The listener probably now gets the impression the rest of the disc will be upbeat, they're probably right.

Track 11, the Neptunes'-produced "Freak Though" (featuring Pharrell) is a slick, laid-back tune. More of these come up soon like "Limelight", the most layed-back pimp anthem of its kind that features T.I's labelmates. Another slick, pimp-flavored joint is "Chillin' With My *****" (featuring Jazze Pha).

In-between all these pimp anthems is "Bring 'em Out", which is possibly the best club banger on the disc. It's produced by Swizz Beatz & samples Jay-Z's voice in the hook. It's also the first single from Urban Legend.

The last couple tracks, the Lil' Jon-produced "Stand Up" (featuring Trick Daddy & Lil' Wayne) & the closer "My Life" (featuring Daz Dillinger) are both great tracks that give the album a high finish.

I think overall T.I has raised the bar on his albums. This one surpasses Trap Muzik majorly and showcases why he's a good runner for the King of the South title. The holder of the throne, the one-and-only Scarface, will eventually step down & when he does Tip will no doubt be standing to claim the position.

Rating - 4.5 Stars

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5'I graduated from the Streets I'm a Real OG!"  Dec 03, 2004
By Enlightened "Both Eyes Closed, see what u don't hear what u can't"
T.I.'s Urban Legend is quite possibly the best album released this year. T.I., the Atlanta rapper, AKA King Of The South as he proclaims, shows quite a bit of skill on the album. People keeping up with Hip Hop music have undoubtedly heard about the beef between T.I. and Flip and on this album, as well as others such as Crunk Juice & Thug Matrimony, T.I. lyrically destroys Flip. T.I. created quite a lot of buzz for this album on the mixtape tip when he released his highly successful 'Down With The King' mixtape with DJ Drama; and on that mixtape Flip's career was officially finished. Back to T.I., the self proclaimed King Of The South showed why he's so dearly loved in the south. His lyrics are a notch below being one of the greatest ever (no bs!). The way he puts his words together is always tight. He never drops a wack verse. he can get in depth about life and tell stories with morals but never sounds corny or forced.

When I first heard the album, I questioned his beat selection...NO...this is the best produced album he's put out easily. Every song has it's own vibe as none of them soundalike. The beats are more chilled out this time as he has nothing as aggressive as say Rubberband Man or Look What I Got, but you can still bounce to these beats. The production is handled by Jazze Pha, Lil Jon, David Banner, The Neptunes, DJ Toomp, Mannie Fresh and others. Quite a lineup don't you think?1?! His flow is definitely on point as he rips every beat effortlessly. The choruses are definitely catchy but not corny...they're almost an extension of his verses and one song flows seamlessly into the next. Every guest is outshined by T.I. with the exception of Pharell's crooning on Freak Though (possibly the best song on the album); Lil Kim, Nelly, Pimp Squad Click, Jazze Pha, Daz Dillinger ( yes THAT Daz ), Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, BG.

It's hard to pick favorite songs fromsuch a great release but if I'd have to pick they would be My Life, Stand Up, Praying For Help, U Don't Know Me, Freak Though, the ultra pimp Limelight, and The Greatest. T.I. has released a great album that has somehow surpassed the greatness of his other albums. All his albums are equally tight but I believe this one edges out the other two. And like Outkast records your favorite one could change on any given day. He's that consistent. He has proof to claim he's the King Of The South (currently) and nobody has released anything to knock his claim. Only thing left to say is Crown the King! 10 album released this year!

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5King of da South!!!  Dec 18, 2004
By Yung Sketchie "Playboi"
Any T.I. fan should definitely cop this album.With throwed beats & remarkable wordplay, this album is da must have of da year. But I must warn all Lil' Flip fans, if U love Flip this ain't da album for U lames....

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