Trap Muzik

Trap Muzik
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Trap Muzik  (Audio CD) 
by T.I.

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Fast-rising hip-hop superstar T.I. follows his massive underground hit "In Da Streets, Parts 1 and 2" with his eagerly awaited Grand Hustle/Atlantic debut, Trap Muzik. Featuring the shoulder bouncing, head-bobbing first single, "24's", Trap Muzik finds the Atlantic-based rapper at his mischievous best. Checking in on the set are producers DJ Toomp, Sanchez, Carlos and Dada, and Jazze Pha, as well as artists Jagged Edge, 8 Ball & MJG and Bun B of UGK. Heavy on introspection and streetwise enlightenment, Trap Muzik is more than just a scroll around the 'hood - it's journey through the mind of one of today's most exciting new hip-hop artists.

Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: August 19, 2003
Studio: Atlantic
Number Of Discs: 1
Format: Explicit Lyrics
Average Customer Rating: based on 151 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Trap Muzik
2. I Can't Quit
3. Be Easy
4. No More Talk
5. Doin' My Job
6. Let's Get Away
7. 24's
8. Rubber Band Man
9. Look What I Got
10. I Still Love You
11. Let Me Tell You Something
12. T.I. VS T.I.P.
13. Bezzle
14. Kingofdasouth
15. Be Better Than Me
16. Long Live Da Game
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 151 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5The Truth  Sep 25, 2003

I bought this CD because I liked his Debut album, but I got much more than expected. Don't Hate Me Shawty is one of my favorites. His approach is innovative and fresh. He breaths life into a lackluster industry that's focus has been how much bling and things can make you broke before you even have a real hit. Real South folk are going to love this one. He made a name for himself in the region with I'm Serious... I just didn't know how serious (and talented) he was before I heard this one.

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

4I Don't Know Why People Sleep on This Album  Feb 13, 2004
By The Idle Receptionist
I didn't really like T.I.'s first album, so i dont know why i decided to get this one. I guess it was when i heard 24s for the first time. But I'm so happy i bought this CD. T.I. is cool because he talks about what he knows, & he's real, not just talking about his money & cars & girls. It's a refreshing change.
This album is mostly about the beats, because T.I.'s flow isnt that amazing. You could put any lyrics about anything on these beats & the CD would still be good.
There are some songs that are heads & shoulders above the rest:
1) Rubberband Man (best song on the CD) - people think this song is stupid but if you listen to the lyrics, he's not talking about just rubberbands. The beat alone makes it the best song on the CD.
2) 24's. You've all heard it.
3) I Can't Quit - Another great beat. Lyrics are okay, not talking about anything important.
4) Trap Muzik - Intro to the CD.
5) T.I. vs. T.I.P
Everything else isn't bad, just not as good as these songs, but i would definitely buy this CD even if you're not into southern hip hop. Trust me, it's way better than Ludacris's garbage & most other southern hip hop albums.

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

4T.I.P.'s best work  Oct 27, 2005
By Bart Motes
Trap Muzik, the 2nd of T.I.P.'s three albums to date, finds him in his best form. While both I'm Serious and Urban Legend have some great tracks, Trap Muzik is far more consistent than I'm Serious and gives us more of what we really want, T.I.P., than Urban Legend, which relies too heavily on guest artists. Some of the themes on this album are perfectly typical gangsta topics: hoes, drugs, and bling. Others, however, like Be Better than Me and T.I. versus T.I.P. tackle issues of living up to one's potential and avoiding the mistakes of the past. T.I. versus T.I.P. is particularly effective in analyzing the themes of authenticity and in coming to terms with both the past and the present problems that can trouble us. T.I.P. urges himself to break out of the mistakes of the past and take advantage of his opportunities, "man you'd be a fool if you blow this lid."

Other standouts are Let's Get Away, Look what I got, Rubberband Man, and I still Luv you. 24s is pretty good too. Recommended.

5Young Pimpin' Is Here And He Still Serious, B*%@$  Dec 08, 2003
By Byron D. Casteel
T.I., man has come a long way since "I'm Serious", that didn't get promoted well, but didn't stop me from getting the CD. Anyway since the first time and only time his video aired on BET's 106 and Park, I seen a new era growing in the South, and didn't hesitate to go get it. He is the leader of the new south even though he has been in the game already. Everywhere that I go I am jammin' T.I. and some people always ask who I am listening to, and I look at them like, "You don't know who this is". And they are always like this dude here jammin', and that is always what I want to here. He is sooner or later going to be compared to Jay-Z. Trust me when I tell you listeners this, promotion is still not that much, but it should be a big promotion in every city, state, and country. Young Pimpin' is doin' big things, and finally artists are realizing that he is no joke and trying to put him on there album as for Bone-Crusher thanks for bringing him back with a bang after being gone since making the "I'm Serious" Album in "I Ain't Never Scared", Juelz Santana "Now What", "T.I.'s Underground song w/ Juelz and Camron "Crown Me", and Memphis Bleek welcome back with M.A.D.E with "Round Here". T.I. you got much respect Down Here and Round Here in Houston, Texas baby. Thanks for the Carshow you did back on November 9th 2003, and hope you be back for another concert and Superbowl. Much Luv man. BE EASY!!!!!!
Keep It Pimpin' T.I.P, Shouts out to P.S.C, Big Kountry K.T., JR, D.P., J.G, YoungBloodz, Free Pimp-C. Keep Doin' It For Texas Bun Bizzy. Also Slim Thug, Lil 50/50 Twin, Paul Wall.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4The Other Side of the Game  Aug 30, 2003
By Groovemasta "groovemasta"
So far, 2003 is shaping up to be the year of the southern invasion in hip-hop. Atlanta crime-rhyme spitter T.I. is the latest in a seres of regional stars to explode onto the national scene with anthems that get crowds crunk from NY to LA and everywhere in between. To that end, T.I.'s lead single, "24's" is 4 minutes of pure dirty south adrenaline. Fans fiendin' for more of the crunk will certainly find their fix with Trap Muzik, but the strives for much more than just tearin' the club up. The Trap referred to in the title is the drug game, of which T.I. rhymes on "I Can't Quit", "I this far from a star/and just this close to quittin'". Throughout the album, he goes beyond standard crime rhymes and offers contemplative meditations on the game he is about to leave. "T.I. vs. T.I.P." is T.I.'s dialog with himself. A part of him is still drawn to his former lifestyle, but ultimately he rationalizes why his life has to change. "Be Better Than Me" urges kids in similar circumstances to avoid the temptations the seduced T.I. himself into the Trap. And "I Still Love You" is both an offering of forgiveness (to his absent father) and a pledge to do better (to his own children). But the albums highlights come back to back on "No More Talk" and the Kanye West produced, "Doin' My Job". On the former, T.I. deftly places the nihilistic life of inner city "trappin'" in the larger context of a world where "you can die on a plane and they'll say it's a bomb/when they run it into the tour they'll just say it's Sadam". And on the latter, he humanizes the often villified street entrapanuars, explaining that he is simply making a living. While his logic might be flawed, the song offers the most poignant moments on one of the year's better albums.

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