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The Trinity  (Audio CD) 

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Sean Paul is back with his 3rd album, The Trinity. Along with its spiritual reference, The Trinity also refers to Sean's signature mixture of the three elements of dancehall, hip hop and reggae. Atlantic. 2005.


Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: September 27, 2005
Studio: Atlantic
Number Of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Average Customer Rating: based on 101 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Fire Links Intro
2. Head In The Zone
3. We Be Burnin'
4. Send It On
5. Ever Blazin'
6. Eye Deh A Mi Knee
7. Give It Up To Me
8. Yardie Bone
9. Never Gonna Be The Same
10. I'll Take You There
11. Temperature
12. Breakout
13. Head To Toe
14. Connection
15. Straight Up
16. All On Me
17. Change The Game
18. The Trinity
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 101 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

45 of 49 found the following review helpful:

4Sean Paul's blazin' on  Sep 27, 2005
By Amanda Richards
For album number three, Grammy-Award winning Sean Paul Henriques mixes Dancehall, Hip Hop and Reggae, hence the Trinity tag. His excellent "Dutty Rock" CD produced a slew of hits, the best of Sean Paul being "Gimme The Light", "Get Busy", "Like Glue", "Breathe" (with Blu Cantrell), "Baby Boy" (with Beyonce), and "I'm Still in Love With You" (with Sasha).

Always one to give value for money, this album has 17 tracks, and takes on a slightly philosophical bent as Sean Paul bemoans violence in his homeland of Jamaica, and advises that life is a gift to be treasured. (Unfortunately, you probably won't understand a single word of the lyrics unless you're from the Caribbean)

First single "We Be Burnin'" will please fans of "Dutty Rock" and is typical Sean Paul, but nothing groundbreaking. Better tracks are "Head in the Zone"; "Breakout" and my favorite "Ever Blazin'". Solid reggae tracks are "Yardie Bone" with Wayne Marshall, and "Never Gonna Be the Same". Collaborations with Nina Sky, Tami Chynn, and Looga Man & Kid Kurup round out the album, the final song being the title track, which strangely enough is one of the least appealing on the album.

Though an entertaining recording artiste (he's terrible at live performances) there's no way Sean Paul will top "Dutty Rock" with this one, but gets high marks for effort.

Amanda Richards, September 27, 2005

11 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Duh-Dutty, Yeah!!  Oct 15, 2005
By Guelitto
Well the wait is over, yuh nuh. Sean-da-P is raising the temperature again, yuh nuh. No doubt the most highly anticipated reggae/dancehall album for 2005 (thus 107,000 units sold in the first week of release!), THE TRINITY is ever blazin' from head to toe! There are no fillers here, and it is very clear that Sean Paul has changed the game. In fact, the game is never gonna be the same again- the S.P. has made undiluted reggae/dancehall mainstream, and other dancehall acts need to take note, straight up. One listen to THE TRINITY and I am afraid I can't take it out of my CD player. That said, let me break down the album track by track:

1. Fire Links Intro - Almost over the top, but point well taken!

2. Head in The Zone - (4.5/5) - A decent effort that should get people dutty-rockin' it. The beat is "different".

3. We Be Burnin' - (4.5/5) - First single. A take from another song (Legalize it) that was successful before this one. Great production and good delivery by Sean Paul.

4. Send it On - (4/5) - A nice song.

5. Ever Blazin' - (5/5) - One of my favourites. I'm glad that it is included on the album.

6. Eye Deh a Mi Knee - (5/5) - A very good song. Topped the charts in about TEN European countries quite recently.

7. Give It Up to Me - (5/5) - This ties for my personal favourite. Very excellently produced. May be considered for a single.

8. Yardie Bone - (5/5) - One of the better songs on the album, and one of my favoutites. Very good reggae beat. The tweeter sounds are scintillating. Wayne Marshall did a good job with his vocals. Sean Paul's lyrics are good on this one!

9. Never Gonna Be The Same - (4.5/5) - Sean Paul gets a little deep on this one. Material universially relevant - about the loss of close friends and people we look up to. Good effort.

10. I'll Take You There - (4.7/5) - Good song.

11. Temperature - (5/5) - Also one of My Favourites. Nice production.

12. Breakout - (5/5) - Definitely a club banger. I am almost certain this will become a single. I can already picture a video for this one!

13. Head to Toe - (5/5) - This song was all the rave only shortly after the success of DUTTY ROCK. One of my favourites without a doubt.

14. Connection - (5/5) - This features Nina Sky. A very good song. Brilliant collaboration and no doubt should become a single.

15. Straight Up - (4.5/5) - Decent song.

16. All on Me - (6/5) - Yeah, Yeah! This is the second of my two favourite songs on the album. It features the very sexy TAMI CHYNN. This MUST be a single. Very well produced.

17. Change The Game - (5/5) - Excellent production by Sean Paul's brother Jason "Jigzagular" Henriques. Sean Paul gives the members of his Dutty Cup Crew a run and they represent quite well.

18. The Trinity - (4.5/5) - Nice beat!

Overall, THE TRINITY gets 5 stars from this reviewer. It was definitely worth the wait. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ALBUM.

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

4Some amazing tracks.  Mar 31, 2006
By Peter Shermeta
The album's title, if you are curious, has a three-part meaning: this is Sean Paul's third album, it took three years to create, and it was "all done right here in the Third World*," according to him.

*The Trinity was recorded entirely in Jamaica.

He stays true to his Caribbean roots and did not Americanize (euphemism for "sell out") his sound for this latest album. I will be the first to admit, however, that it is difficult to understand what he says most of the time. Regardless of that, so far I predict The Trinity to be the best warm-weather-with-the-windows-down-in-the-car-and-the-volume-up-high album this year...even though it was released last year, late last year. I cannot get enough of some of these songs right now.

01. Fire Links Intro I still do not like Intro tracks. This one did nothing to change that. I do not understand them; especially one that is 49 seconds long and yet just repeats the same thing over and over.

02. Head In The Zone A nice beat for a track that warms us up for the rest of the album ahead. I do tire easily of DJs and producers who yell at random intervals (see: Lil' Jon and DJ Clue), which is a blemish on this song.

03. We Be Burnin' We Be Burnin' was the first single released from this album. I became certain of a few things when I first heard this track: I would get this album and this would be the best track on it. I was right and wrong. This is a great song and definitely will get bodies on the dance floor, but not the best song on the album. That is a good thing. You can watch the video here.

04. Send It On This is a great example of a "catchy" song by Sean Paul standards. If I could figure out the words...they would be in my head all day!

05. Ever Blazin' This is my dark-horse pick for favorite track. The beat causes body parts to move of their own accord. Without realizing it you will be bouncing -- sitting, standing, laying down -- I don't care what you are doing. A great track to put on a mix you are making for your special lady friend if you want to add something with a beat.

06. Eye Deh A Mi Knee This is a fine song, but I can't help but think of Tunak Tunak Tun when I listen to it.

07. Give It Up To Me Time to slow it down some. One track that stands out as evidence that The Trinity does not have all of the energy that was in Dutty Rock. Do not misinterpret that, I did not say it was a bad song, just slower than others.

08. Yardie Bone This one is much less dancehall and much more reggae. In case you are curious, Wayne Marshall is featured.

09. Never Gonna Be The Same Another slower track. Sean Paul sets this song aside to reflect on the things that happen in our lives that are out of our control. It is a nice tribute to friends and family.

10. I'll Take You There A good song that would get more respect on an album with fewer "hits."

11. Temperature It is, unfortunately, unfair to the other tracks on the album for this song to appear. There are so many good songs on The Trinity, though this one just won't share the spotlight. As stated above, I was sure We Be Burnin' was as good as they could get. I was wrong.

12. Breakout It is a rare thing indeed when you can find an album you can listen to, start to finish, without skipping any songs. You *can* do that with this album, but if you were going to skip one song, this is probably it. It seems much less refined (for lack of a better word) than the other songs.

13. Head To Toe Has it been too long since he slowed it down for another ode to the ladies? I guess so. Apparently it was time for another. Probably the weakest of the slower songs, but the competition is stiff.

14. Connection One thing Sean Paul did so well on Dutty Rock was collaboration tracks with recent hot, female artists. This is the big one on The Trinity, featuring Nina Sky. She sounds good with him.

15. Straight Up Despite being a three-minute track, it seems to go too fast. The song is, overall, unremarkable -- neither good nor bad. It is fine, and well placed tucked at the end of the album.

16. All On Me Another collaboration song with a female artist. Sean Paul and Tami Chynn team up for this track. A mediocre song.

17. Change The Game Featuring Looga Man & Kid Kurup. This song saves the slow fall-off that was happening. The last few tracks made you think the album had run out of steam. Unfortunately, this track does what many do at the end of hip-hop albums recently; the featured artist takes the front seat and Sean Paul appears only as support.

18. The Trinity Last but not least, the title track. You have made it through 17 tracks to get here; the choice is yours if you let the last one play. You will not miss much if you stop now. The strength of the album is early.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Sean Paul's best effort yet!  Oct 01, 2005
By bobano "Ian"
Sean Paul's 3rd CD "The Trinity" is by far his best!

His 2000 debut was solid and had some good songs throughout. Dutty Rock was OK but not spectacular although it did wonders for his career and brought him out to the mainstream audience. I found songs from that CD like "Like Glue" and "I'm Still In Love With You" and even "Gimme The Light" after hearing it a thousand times to be weak and very annoying and got on my last nerve hearing them so much.

However, this CD "The Trinity" has no bad songs at all and is perfect from start to finish. Unlike Dutty Rock, I've repeated listening to this CD many times now and I'm still not sick of it which shows how good it is and how great it is to see Sean Paul go back to his Jamaican roots and stop trying to please the mainstream with cameos galore like he did on Dutty Rock.

Head In The Zone- 5\5: just a great song with a fantastic fast-paced beat which is good for dancing

We Be Burnin- 5\5: first single which really got me hyped a few months ago for the CD to come out

Send It On- 5\5: another really cool song with a stutter-step type of beat with Sean Paul rhyming some clever lines here

Ever Blazin- 4\5: the hook of the song which is sung by SP is very catchy and the song just has a nice groove to it

Eye Dem A Mi Knee- 4\5: short song but very fast and both with the beat and the lyrics

Give It Up To Me- 4\5: this is as close to annoying as any song got for me on the CD but it's still a good one and doesn't come close to being as bad as anything from Dutty Rock

Yardie Bone (f\ Wayne Marshall)- 5\5: Wow! This is one of my favourites on the CD. This is a true reggae-sound song. Wayne Marshall sings a great chorus in this song and Sean Paul is at his best on this one too.

Never Gonna Be The Same- 3.5\5: Probably the weakest song on the CD but even it is a much more acceptable ballad and slower song from Sean Paul than that really bad "I'm Still In Love With You" track from the last CD. It's really the only slower song on the CD.

I'll Take You There- 5\5: Excellent track! Great beat (sounds almost like a Neptunes beat) and nice lyrics from SP with a very good chorus.

Temperature- 5\5: This one has been rolling around on radio stations too although I don't know if it's an official single yet. This is another standout track with a sung chorus by SP that is so fun to sing to and chalk up another great beat on this song.

Breakout- 5\5: As fast as most of the beats are, this song may have the fastest beat and lyrics. I like the siren sound effects throughout the song too. Another great song!

Head To Toe- 4\5: Very good song too with Sean Paul doing another chorus by singing.

Connection (f\ Nina Sky)- 5\5: I'm not a big fan of Nina Sky. She's been good in a couple songs but this song is excellent. Her chorus is great on this CD and I can easily see this song being a single in the future.

Straight Up- 5\5: Another great song that was actually featured on a Reggae Gold CD a couple years ago but was never included on an SP CD. Now it has been. Fast beat once again.

All On Me (f\ Tami Chynn)- 5\5: Another excellent performance from one of the cameo guests in this song, it's Tami Chynn. She's a Jamaican artist which is why most people haven't heard of her in North America. Her chorus is so wonderfully done and the song is another excellent one on a CD racking up the great tracks.

Change The Game- 4\5: SP shares the spotlight with a couple other artists for this song which is good but maybe a notch below the last few songs.

The Trinity- 4\5: The title track wraps up the CD and it is very good with the chorus by SP being once again...CATCHY and fun to sing to.

Overall, this is by far Sean Paul's greatest achievement. I would be very surprised if this CD doesn't match or even eclipse the sales of Dutty Rock. It's a better CD and Sean Paul is even more well-known now so I think we can expect big things from Sean Paul's "The Trinity". There is not one track on the CD that you get sick of listening to because they are all so good and when you've listened to a CD like that where you can listen to it over and over again and like it just as much, you know it's a good music CD.

Thumbs way up for The Trinity!

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Still Blazin' And Changin' The Game  Sep 29, 2005
By Michael Balfour "Dannicci"
The SP delivers another superb album with the Trinity. Back to a more Jamaican root, the producers on this album are well talented Jamaicans - including Sean Paul's brother, Jason. The beats are really crazy. That being said, I must say there is no weak song on this album! My favourites are:

Head In The Zone

We be Burnin'

Send It On

Ever Blazin'

Eye Deh A Mi Knee

Give It Up To Me

Yardie Bone

Never Be The Same -- (never knew SP was this deep!)

I'll Take You There -- (love this beat; well written)



Head to Toe

Connection -- (very cool tune with sexy Nina Sky!)

All On Me --(My favorite; well written; Tami Chynn Sounds amazing on this one; I think this should be the next single)

Change the Game with his Dutty Cup Crew is simply superb! The beat is tight and making it better, I think his brother, Jason, produced it!

I highly recommend this album for all music lovers, Reggae lovers, and Sean Paul fans! A must have!

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