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The Cookbook  (Audio CD) 
by Missy Elliott

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Missy's back with her 6th album The Cookbook. The first single, 'Lose Control' features R&B princess Ciara and hip-hop motivator Fat Man Scoop. Album also features additional production by long time friend and collaborator Timbaland and The Neptunes. Special guests include Tweet, Fantasia, Slick Rick, Mike Jones, Mary J Blige, Grand Puba and Lil Kim. Atlantic. 2005.


Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: July 05, 2005
Studio: Atlantic
Number Of Discs: 1
Average Customer Rating: based on 113 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Joy (Featuring Mike Jones)
2. Party Time
3. Irresistable (Featuring Slick Rick)
4. Lose Control (Featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)
5. My Struggles (Featuring Mary J. Blige & Grand Puba)
6. Meltdown
7. On & On
8. We Run This
9. Remember When
10. 4 My Man (Featuring Fantasia)
11. Can't Stop
12. Teary Eyed
13. Mommy
14. Click Clack
15. Time and Time Again
16. Bad Man (Featuring Vybez Cartel & M.I.A.)
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 113 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Soul Food  Jul 20, 2005
By Enlightened "Both Eyes Closed, see what u don't hear what u can't"
Missy Elliot is back with her sixth album as she continues to change the game. The Cookbook is another installment in Missy's ever creative classic catalog. Simple. If Missy needs an introduction by now well you just need to hit the hip hop history books ( or my older reviews of her albums!). The first single released off the album LOSE CONTROL featuring R&B vixen Ciara and hype man Fatman Scoop is possibly the most energetic song Missy has done so far in her career. Can you say Crunk? I can...CRUNK. That song right there is so fire...another addition to Missy's greatest hits collection (I'm bout to make me one!). Everybody here get it outta control get yo back off the wall cause misdemeanor said so! hey hey hey....sorry had a 'moment' right there. The rest of the album delivers as well in classic Missy fashion...the only thing different about this release is that Missy only enlists Timbaland for a measly two tracks. We need more Timbaland...please come out of retirement! However Missy gets the job done producing and the people she enlisted do a great job. Scott Storch (he's becoming one of my favorites with every track) steals the show on Meltdown with a very smooth production and Missy completely rips it up & down as she talks about "relationsips". This song is a classic. The Neptunes drop by and continue with their great beats for On & On. Missy's flow on this song is so tight; she is so unique, funky, catchy, versatile and amazing. She and Lauryn Hill are the best female rappers ever in the game. There's almost no comparison. Almost every song is bumpin, a head nodder. Remember When, 4 My Man, Can't Stop (I don't know what the others are talking about this song is riding!), Click Clack, and Time & Time Again are my favorites. Missy definitely delivers on this offering and I'm going back for seconds AND thirds! Damn I'm greedy! 5 stars.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Fiyah  Jul 10, 2005
By Da MastaMind "Rowan"
Everyone who gave a negative review on this album is buggin' out. Missy played it smart with this album. The Cookbook is definitely a great recipe of old skewl beats, new skewl lyrics, with a lil "BAM" of cameos.

Joy - Starts with a hilarious opening. The beat is mosterous. Missy lyrical content is unique and makes this song great. The chaning of the beat may seem weird and it may seem that Mike Jones is a lil offbeat but this is like a pizza pie topped with pineapples. That's one recipe that makes this album fire.

Partytime - The use of the sax and the lil voices is crazy. It may seem repetitive at times and may make the listener fall asleep but this is like that snack you always eat no matter wat. A possible filler track with a unique use of diff. sound fx.

Irrestible - The infamous Slick Rick adds that spice to this track and the album itself. Missy's old skewl-like lyrics is crazy. The changing of beats is very essential and the changing of old skewl lingo to new skewl lingo is crz also. Slick Rick is def. put back onto the map with this track.

Lose Control - WARNING: FOR THE SWEET TOOTHED ONLY. This track will make anyone jump off the walls. It's a track injected with red bull. Fat Man Scoop's infamous "Hnads up" n "Let's Go Now" will make da club jump. Ciara is a lil extra on the track but it's iight. Missy's lyrical content in this track is mostly directed to clubs and parties. This track is like the candy your not allowed to have before dinner. But it doesn't spoil your appetite because this track makes you wanna listen more and definitely move ya behind more. The use of diff. beats is used a lot in this song. wicked

My Struggles - ALL I GOTTA SAY, GRAND PUMA. One of hip-hops greatest and well known. Definitely for the experienced listeners of hip hop.

Meltdown - A great ballad spoof. It's like a slow jamz by kanye west. Dirty lyrics. THe beat makes u think of the isley brothers but the lyrics remind you of heather hunter. Missy's singing talent has evolved. but it shouldn't b talkin bout magic sticks taste like candy. a lil loose on missy's part

On and On - Heavy claps and snare. Makes you wanna just pop lock like da old days. Missy makes it known who she is in the beginnin of the song. def. a top model diva. big ups to miss e

We Run THis - Possible single. makes you wanna move. i kno when i heard this i was doin wat will and carlton were doin on dat episode of fresh prince. i kno all ya'll were doin it. Great use of old skewl beat.

Click clack - great use of here flip it and reverse it. she reverses the beat from eightball and mjg's we don't want no drama. sounds ill. and she points out that people were bout to call her number when she announced it. she ain't mike jones ya'll. LOL. great comedic lyrical content.

Bad man - im a drummer in a drumline. wat a great track using the quints snare and bass drums. better than yung wun's song. and basically better than any song played in drumline. vybz cartel is da best right now outta YARD. big ups to missy

GREAT ALBUM. THis album is a five course meal and then some. Wat a great artist. It would've been great if aaliyah, magoo, and timbaland sang on a record with her.


15 of 19 found the following review helpful:

2Where's The Real Missy?????  Nov 08, 2005
By Lil' Lecia
I have always been a fan of Missy Elliot, that is until she came out with The Cookbook. Throughout the whole CD I had to keep reminding myself of who I was listening to. All I have to say about her sixth album is new look and definitly new sound.

Compared to her other five albums this one was most definitly a disappointment. Not only did The Cookbook lack that presence from beat specialist producer Timberland but it also lacked that certain lyrical content that Missy is known for. This album was filled with slow jam type of songs and a very poor use of sampling. All throughout track 10 "Cant Stop", I was thinking to myself that the song just was not right without Amerie voice on the track. Also the beat for the track titled "We Run This" is one that I would associate more with Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air instead of a hit single from Missy Elliot. Some people may say that you need to try something new every once and a while but in Missy's case she should have stuck to the old.

The songs that were actually tolerble to listen to were somewhat similar to her previous songs. The track "Lose Control" had to have been the best song on the album but may as well ben titled Work It Part II. The beats were somewhat similar and so were the music videos. Some of the other tracks were okay...Joy, Meltdown and Mommy.

After hearing singles like Work It, Gossip Folks, Pass That Dutch, Lick Shots, Get Ur Freak On, and I could go on nameing some of her classical hits, but I have to say I was just disappointed with this album and the lack of radio and club banging Missy hits.

Those that gave this CD a good review either have not listened to any of Missy's first couple of albums or are just completly tone deaf. All in all I would not recommend this album to anyone over her pervious ones. Even though this may have been the worst I have faith that Missy can come back with some more club banging hits in the coming years.

Like I said before new looking Missy and new sound.....where is TIMBERLAND?????

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5After Falling Off the Last Few CDs, Missy's Back Artistically If Not Commercially  Feb 26, 2006
By M. J. Moore
Missy Elliott is one of my favorite entertainers because just like Ludacris, she brings a certain "funness" to the Hip-Hop musical game infusing Pop, Electronic, House, R&B, early Hip-Hop into her music. Unfortunately, her 2003 effort, This is Not a Test, did not perform as well as its four predecessors, all of which went at least Platinum and produced two-three prominent singles. One of the criticisms of that 2003 CD was that Missy had lost her musical touch and had descended into the realm of predictability. There was not much that was new on that disc or that even epitomized Missy's larger-than-life persona. Well, with The Cookbook, Missy returns to form with her best CD since 2001's MissE...So Addictive.

Joy-Produced by Timbaland and Missy Elliott and featuring Mike Jones, this slower up-tempo is a nice appetizer to The Cookbook. It is a focused song with Mike Jones turning in a very self-lauding but energizing appearance. There is something about the instrumentation of the song that is hypnotic. B+

Partytime-Produced by Timbaland and Missy Elliott and containing elements of "Whammer Jammer" as performed by the J. Geils Band, this is reminiscent of a couple of Missy's 1999 efforts, She's A B**** & Shake My A**. It has that partytime, Missy vibe to it, and it let me know that this CD would be pretty good as it kicks off the CD. A

Irresistable Delicious-Produced by Craig X. Brockman and containing elements of "Lick the Balls" as performed by Slick Rick and featuring Slick Rick himself, this mid-tempo is a nice teaming of two crazy personas, one legend and one-soon-to-be legend. The energy that this song has is tight, and it changes tempo and the music several times throughout. Slick Rick raps in his accent, and Missy copies him. The only gripe is that this song is nasty. It's very explicit in what it's talking about. A

Lose Control-Produced by Missy Elliott and contains a sample of "Clear" as performed by Cybotron and "Bodywork" as performed by Hot Streak and featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop (Mariah Carey's It's Like That), this first single which took Summer 2005 by storm and was Missy's first re-visit to the Top Ten since 2002 was a party anthem, and it will go down as one of Missy's trademark cuts with its high energy video and party vibe. A+

My Struggles-Produced by Ur'an H. Goodman, featuring Mary J. Blige & Grand Puba and containing elements of "Backfire" as performed by Smokey Robinson and "What's the 411" as performed by Mary J. Blige, this mid-tempo works well as it is a revelatory song that chronicles the struggles of life that both Missy and Mary have experienced. Mary spits a little, and Missy sings. It is a nice connecting of the two even though it's not one of the best songs. A-

Meltdown-Produced by Scott Storch. This is probably one of my favorite songs on the CD. It has Missy singing, rapping and being her nasty, freaky-deeky self. Scott Storch provided a hot throwback meets the 21st century kind of beat to it. I also like the references to a couple of musical couples (Janet & JD and Beyonce & JayZ). It could've worked as a single if not for the provocative lyrical content. A+

Click Clack-Produced by Shandrae "Mr Bangladesh" Crawford (Ciara), this is Missy meets hard-core rap. It reminds me of something that Three Six Mafia or Dem Franchize Boys or even the Stiletto Pumps groups would do. However, it's good to see Missy showing that she can sing this hardcore music although she brings her craziness even to this song. B

On & On-Produced by The Neptunes and containing elements of "The Show," I am perplexed as to why this fresh, innovative, futuristic-sounding cut was never released as a single. Of all the cuts, this is one of the most commercial songs that could have really made some ends on radio. I knew it would never be a single once it was featured at the end of the Lost Control video. The flow is tight. The chorus is catchy, and the beat is just infectious and sick!! A+

We Run This-Produced by Rhemario "Rio Beats" Webber and containing elements of "Apahce" as performed by the Sugarhill Gang, this party joint is the third single off the release. While I support Missy because she's one of my favorite artists, I don't see this song really making any ends on radio. It's relatively lame, and it may would've worked in her early career, but it's too bubblegummish. It works as a CD track, but it probably won't work as a single. The sample is familiar which gives the song some edge, but overall, I don't like the song. B-

Can't Stop-Produced by Rich Harrison, here Missy meets Amerie as she tries out the go-go beats producer (Jennifer Lopez's Get Right, Beyonce's Crazy Love and Amerie's One Thing). The song fits Missy's style and flow even if it's nasty, but the listener can't help but hear the other songs that are similar to this one that it's hard to disconnect. The same phenomenon occurs with Toni Braxton's Take This Ring even though here, Missy makes this sound like her own with her crazy style and the way the vocals are arranged. B+

Time and Time Again-Produced by Saint Nick (Jagged Edge's 2003 Hard effort), this dark, slow jam is fun. It has Missy spitting with fire, and it has her singing over a hot beat. It's talking about her lover coming back again and again when she's over him and ready to move on...enough is enough. The song is hot especially after the lackluster two previous cuts. Saint Nick is a good producer. A

Remember When-Produced by Missy Elliott, Craig X Brockman and Nisan Stewart, this slow jam which has one of the tightest beats I have heard in a slow jam is a hot song. I could see this being released to Urban radio and making some ends. It puts a spin on most songs with Missy, as the woman, admitting to her man that she made a mistake and cheated but how he still accepted her back. It seems like Missy is a bonafide singer with the way the vocals are arranged and the way that she uses her somewhat limited singing vocals to bring the right interpretation and style to this song. Her rap also adds a little flavor to the song. A+

Mommy-Produced by Associates & Keith Lewis, this song is weird. I know the message it's conveying in trying to empower the many, many mothers out there and their hard work and their everlasting beauty. However, after Fantasia's Baby Mama and with the uptempo nature of the song, it's hard to appreciate the songs message when it was just done and the arrangement does not fit the theme. B-

4 My Man-Produced by The Avila Brothers and featuring Fantasia, this mid-tempo finds Fantasia repaying Missy a favor for producing some cuts on her own 2004 debut release including her hit Free yourself. Missy raps and Fantasia turns in a few goosebump-inducing runs and riffs. However, the song does not take off as much as it could've. It does seem like album filler at points, but it works. A

Teary Eyed-Produced by Warryn Campbell and with background vocals by Tweet, I will never understand why this was released as the 2nd single after the party blowout hit of Lose Control. This just killed any momentum the CD could've experienced as it is one of the most boring tracks on the CD. It talks about Missy giving up her lover and wanting to take out her wrath because of the way he mistreats her love. She sings good, but the song is just boring. C

Bad Man-Produced by Craig X. Brockman and featuring Vybez Cartel and M.I.A., here Missy meets some dark, high energy Reggae with this cut, which would've worked way better as a single than Teary Eyed. It's a nice closer even though semantically, it would've worked better at the beginning since it's so high energy. A

Overall, for me, this is Missy's most innovative and party-causing CD since 2001's MissE...So Addictive. Some complain about the many different producers, but I think that's what gives it a different feel rather than just Craig X. Brockman, Timbaland and Missy herself. From the songs, it seems that Missy should continue working with The Neptunes, Scott Storch, Saint Nick, Timbaland, Craig X. Brockman and a couple of others because they complement her style. Missy covers the gamut of different topics on the CD. She's in good voice and still brings that fire to her crazy spitting. However, the record label really dropped the ball and hindered any success with the singles they chose to release. Instead of Teary Eyed, why wasn't 4 My Man or Remember When released. They are similar songs, but the latter two are more commercial. Instead of the lame We Run This, why wasn't On & On, Meltdown or even PartyTime released? Hopefully, the next time Missy will stay fresh like this CD and have the right promotion. However, Missy's been doing it for almost ten years and has netted more than 15 breakout hits. She's one of the most sought-after producers and collaborators, and she still has her energy. She is a brand unto herself, so there's nothing lost even though this is her lowest-selling CD.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

3A different side of Missy that I don't know if I like or hate....  Oct 23, 2005
By Marcus
When I first heard that Missy Elliott was coming out with a new album, I was so excited to go get it. I've loved Missy since her first CD and still to this date love her. I heard this CD for the first time on MTV's The Leak and was kind of shocked. This doesn't sound like the Missy from her previous album "This Is Not A Test". On this album, Missy throws it back to old-school, flips it to reggae, and even tries the big band sound. Missy needs to keep Timbaland as her producer because with him, her albums were so much better. It's a good album, but not all of the songs are worth listening to.

1. Joy (featuring Mike Jones) (7/10) - I love the intro to this song. This song is actually kind of hot. The beat is off the hook. Missy spits that hot fire too. For some reason though, it's not a hit to me.

2. Partytime (4/10) - This isn't a song that I enjoy a lot but I listen to it from time to time. Missy's rap is good but the beat is kind of whack.

3. Irresistible Delicious (featuring Slick Rick) (2/10) - First of all, I would expect this from Slick Rick because he basically invented hip-hop, but Missy Elliott doesn't fit on this track. She sounds a mess trying to rap like Slick Rick. I skip this track all the time. I like the little R&B breakdown parts though.

4. Lose Control (featuring Ciara & Fatman Scoop) (10/10) - I love this song from the second it comes on til' the second it goes off. The beat is so tight. I was expecting most of Missy's album to be hot like this song was. Ciara makes the song very sexy even though her part is extremely short.

5. My Struggles (featuring Mary J. Blige & Grand Puba) (4/10) - Another old-school/hip hop song. This one is a little better than the other. Missy sounds good on this one but I still can't get into it.

6. Meltdown (10/10) - Now this is the Missy I want to hear! I love this song to death. This is Missy's R&B side. I like it. She has a really good voice too. This track shows off her versatility.

7. On & On (featuring Pharrell) (9/10) - If you've seen the Lose Control video, you've heard this song. It was the song at the end of the video. This song is tight. Missy + Neptunes = Masterpiece.

8. We Run This (5/10) - Missy's version of Apache (which almost everyone has heard before mainly from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). It's OK. It seems like an album filler though.

9. Remember When (6/10) - A slow ballad. It's real nice.

10. 4 My Man (featuring Fantasia) (10/10) - THIS HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE CD NEXT TO MELTDOWN! It's so good. I swear this should have been her 2nd single. Fantasia's sweet vocals and Missy's rap verses go together hand in hand. The beat is on point as well. This is definitely a hot track.

11. Can't Stop (9/10) - A Rich Harrison produced track. This song reminds me of 1 Thing by Amerie (which was also produced by Rich). The beat and drums are tight. I like this song a lot.

12. Teary Eyed (5/10) - Missy's 2nd single. I can't tell you whether I love it or hate it. Sometimes I hear it and it's nice, but then I listen to it sometimes and hate it. It's another track where Missy sings. I don't think this song is too popular.

13. Mommy (9/10) - Let me just say, the beat of this song is CRAZY! It's so hot. I can actually say that on this song, Missy's voice and the beat fit together perfectly. The lyrics are fresh!!

14. Click Clack (0/10) - Who does she think she is? This sounds like something some dirty south artist would do. I don't like it at all!

15. Time and Time Again (9/10) - I love this song! It's another ballad. The music is nice. Missy's vocals really shine on this one.

16. Bad Man (featuring Vybz Kartel & M.I.A.) (10/10) - This is a reggae/big band type of song. The drums in the background give it the big bang sound yet Vybz Kartel gives it a reggae vibe. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it.

Overall Grade : B-

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