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Marc Broussard
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Marc Broussard  (Audio CD) 

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Some of the greatest albums release with a fanfare of news angles. One might hit the market with a tantalizing personal backstory. Another might signify some kind of career-changing milestone. But not Marc Broussard, appropriately this unique artist's first self-titled album. The story here is simple yet eloquent: It's great music, pulled from the heart, crafted impeccably and delivered with the deep emotion that has long marked Broussard as one of the great vocalists of our time. More than most artists in the modern spotlight, Broussard achieves a depth in all aspects of his writing and singing through his love for and mastery of tradition. Strong currents of R&B, sanctified church and the many other flavors of his Louisiana bayou home nourish his songs, more so than ever on Marc Broussard. The exhilarating drive of its first single, "Only Everything," the old-school soul, hushed and exultant, of "Lucky," the swampy blues that haunts "Eye on the Prize" and every other track is a lesson in transplanting the seeds of American music into the spirit of today.

Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: June 14, 2011
Studio: Atlantic
Number Of Discs: 1
Average Customer Rating: based on 30 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Lucky
2. Only Everything
3. Cruel
4. Yes Man
5. Let It All Out
6. Emily
7. Our Big Mistake
8. Bleeding Heart
9. Eye on the Prize
10. Let Me Do It Over
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 30 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

4Great Representation of Marc Broussard - Complete Effort  Jun 14, 2011
By C. Sun "orbitalint"
I've been a fan of Marc Broussard's for almost 10 years now and this is one of his most complete albums to-date. I've also always had a hard time describing his music to people because of the various sounds that he has as an artist. Luckily, this album reflects his full range of musical talents - funk, blues, rock and heart-felt. They all make an appearance on the album and are well-represented.

Don't get me wrong, he's a great artist but even the best album in many people's eyes, Carencro, didn't always reflect the musical range that he has. Many in that album were along the lines of his singer-songwriter heartfelt love songs. However, this album does his musical style and diversity justice.

Quick Guide to the Album:

For a swampy Louisiana tune, check out "Eye on the Prize." It has a similar feel to "Home" from Carencro.

For something to warm the heart, try "Let me do it over." P.S. - A great little song about his red headed son, Gibby, makes the hidden track on this album at the end of this song. Its not one 7:30 minute song but two songs. "Let it All Out" is a good heart-felt song as well.

The radio single, "Only Everything (Appletree)," is an upbeat song that's just fun to listen to. "Emily" and "Lucky" are some other good ones along that vein.


Great Album from start to finish. I'm glad that artists are still making a complete effort on an album. The only reason it lost a star is because I'm a sucker for his Louisiana sound, such as "Home," and it only comes out in a few songs. Despite that I would still highly recommended the album!

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

3High Hopes  Jun 22, 2011
By A.E. Pagano
I am a die-hard fan and Marc Broussard promoter and am still puzzled why he still hasn't really "caught on". This album has everything that should make that happen, but it is not his strongest effort. This is a pop album and a lot of his gritty R&B side has gone by the wayside. I am an older fan so abandoning his "old school" influences and grooves sort of leaves me cold. This is technically a great recording and "Lucky" is a great song, but the rest of the writing doesn't have the Broussard signature I'm used to. I am still listening and trying to keep an open mind, but for my money his last record was Marc's strongest effort. He is still in my opinion one of the strongest and talented singers out there and I sincerely hope his concessions push him and his career further into the limelight.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5AMAZING!  Jun 19, 2011
By C
I've heard a couple of tracks from Marc in the past and wasn't completely sold, but this album is AMAZING! I can listen to every single song. I would highly recommend buying the deluxe version with the bonus tracks. Every song has it's own unique hook that just sticks with you. It's funky, bluesy amazingness. I don't feel like any of the songs are forgettable and a lot of them just have that gritty soulful edge that gets your head bobbin'. A must buy.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4A soulful voice under all that stuffed, pop studio production.  Sep 13, 2011
By Adrian
Let's start off by saying that this album is not a total bust. Anyone who says so is denying themselves at least a few good tracks. I happen to like most of the tracks here because I am an R&B, pop and Soul fan (in that order). Here, you get pop songs with a singer who just needs R&B or soulful production to fit his vocal workings. Pop isn't necessarily a strong suit for this super-talented singer-songwriter. He's no Gavin Degraw (who I also love, but there is a time and place...) for sure. I am a sucker for Pop Rock too though and when the guitars are turned up, I tend to melt. Some of the tracks here offer some guitar work but it isn't anything major.

I honestly only got this album because I heard the minute and a half samples at iTunes and was thoroughly impressed. I don't see why I wasn't blown away by the album as a whole when I got it yesterday evening but I wasn't. I don't feel there was enough balance on subject matter or sound. The tracks do however seem to get better as you go along and the ballads come pouring out.

The album starts off with the two leading singles the romantic "Lucky" and the catchy "Only Everything" which was previously my least favorite track on the album but is truly growing on me. Luckily (no pun intended), "Cruel" (the 3rd single) is next and although overproduced it's just a catchy, feel good number. "Yes Man" comes in with Marc begging his wife to tell him if she wants someone who has a mind of his own or a pushover for a lover who just says "Yes" to everything she brings to the table.

"Let It All Out" is a ballad and if I have only one word to describe it, it's "pretty". I especially love the end falsetto note. "Emily" is actually a very great, catchy number but I'm not crazy about some of the computer bleeps tinkering around in the background. Otherwise, it's extremely solid although lyrically, a bit lacking. "Our Big Mistake" is another ballad and I'm a sucker for them. It has some emotional backing which sucks you in. He's basically speaking on a past(?) lover that he misses. I honestly think it's just a song to fill the album though. Not in a bad way, but I noticed in the booklet that his current wife's name is Sonya. "Bleeding Heart" is alright in topic, but just floats by. And if "Eye On The Prize" didn't stick out like a sore thumb and wasn't more of a country rocker, it would float on by too. It's kind of a dedication to his father and how he wanted to be a working man like him.

Two of my personal favorite tracks however are right at the very end of the album. Once I heard them in full, I was wishing the whole album could have sounded more like them. "Let Me Do It Over" and the hidden track "Gibby's Song" are what Marc should have been about throughout this whole album. The songs are overall less heavy-handed in production and I felt more heart.

For all of those that don't know--Yes, this is my first Marc album and the only thing I owned from him previously is the track "Saturday" from his always-talked-about career highlight Carencro. Soon, I'm sure I will get more of his back catalog just 'cause I'm oh so feeling his soulful growl. This just wasn't the album I should have started with. But we all make mistakes.

Get this album if:
-you're used to overproduction.
-you generally appreciate pop music but don't need to hear teen pop.
-you like a soulful voice.
-you like your music catchy.
-you want something upbeat and summery.
-you are a dedicated fan and need more Marc.

4 stars (I couldn't give it anything higher because I know he's got more potential than this).

I usually put down 4 tracks I enjoyed most but this time I'm putting 5 because one of the tracks I happen to love most is a hidden track inside of another.

"Let Me Do It Over"
"Gibby's Song" (Hidden track in "LMDIO") &
"Our Big Mistake"

"Let It All Out"

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Great music !  Jul 26, 2011
By Jérôme
I listen to the music of Marc Broussard since a few years, and I love his new album ! More pop than the previous ones, but not in a bad way, it's still great music. Only Everything, Cruel, Emily and Our Big Mistake are my favorites, this album is in my top 5 for a long time ! I just hope that someday he will perform in France, no one knows him here and that's unfair.

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