Forever in a Day

Forever in a Day
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Forever in a Day  (Audio CD) 
by DAY26

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Ever since that fateful day on August 26, 2007 when Sean "Diddy" Combs announced that Brian, Que, Mike, Willie, and Robert had "made the band," DAY26 has been making their mark on R&B. Their debut album entered the Billboard at the #1 spot, the highest entry for a debut album from a male R&B group in the 17-year history of Soundscan. And now the Bad Boys of R&B are back to reclaim their own throne with their sophomore album, Forever In A Day. With production from some of the best in the game - from Babyface to Jermaine Dupri - DAY26 has delivered another album sure to satisfy their legions of fans and elevate contemporary R&B.

Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: April 14, 2009
Studio: Bad Boy
Number Of Discs: 1
Average Customer Rating: based on 63 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Just Getting Started
2. Imma Put It on Her
3. Shawty Wats Up
4. Think of Me
5. Stadium Music
6. Bipolar
7. Perfectly Blind
8. So Good
9. Girlfriend
10. Babymaker
11. Then There's You
12. Need That
13. Reminds Me of You
14. Your Heels
15. Truth Is a Lie
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 63 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

4A Fast Paced Day  Apr 14, 2009
By Styleon R. Jones
This year I came out of the closet and told my friends that I was a Day 26 fan. I found out they were too!! The debut album is still in the cd changer so I was very eager to purchase new music from this VERY talented group of guys. I have listened to a few tracks via MTV's leak but I wanted to save the rest for the release date. I'm only on my third listen and the album is good but I would prefer a few more ballads. I guess Que got what he wanted with an up-tempo album but there is nothing like listening to Day 26 harmonize and wreck a slow song.

Best Song: Perfectly Blind is my favorite on the album. Que and Dawn vocally produced a sultry song.

Worst Song: Need That is absolutely terrible. Thank God it is only 2:30 long.

The Good (9/10)
Imma Put it on Her- Brian's ad-libs are amazing

Stadium Music- Best way to describe it is colossal. I like it!

So Good- B. Cox never disappoints. He is R&B through and through. The guys work well with him.

Girlfriend- Tank helped the guys deliver a great song.

Babymaker- Glad I'm on birth control because this is definitely a baby maker.

The Bad
Shawty Wats Up- The song is past the whole vocoder phase. I'm too tired to even listen. Besides, with voices like that, why distort them?

The other songs on the album are non skippers but don't stand out as much as the good, the bad, the best, or the worst.

With the vocal talent that Day has, I wish them all the best. This was a good sophomore effort and I look forward to what else they have in store. While this album is not as great as the first, I feel that it will catapult them into another realm and an audience that didn't take them serious at first.

6 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4Not bad...  Apr 16, 2009
By TrudyNYC "NYC Lady"
I became a HUGE Day 26 fan because of their first album. Honestly..I've never bought a CD where I loved EVERY single track. But..that's exactly how I felt about that 1st album. I still listen to it!!!

As for their sophomore album, I'm sorry to say, only a few tracks caught my attention. Not sure what happened here, but I still give it an "A" for effort.

Out of the 15 tracks, only the ones below caught my attention. Whether it was in a good/bad way.

My absolute FAVORITE track...

Track 11 - Then There's You(Love it!!!!)

Wouldn't mind hearing on the radio...
Track 2 - Imma put it on her
Track 8 -So Good
Track 9 - Girlfriend
Track 14 - Your heels

WHY THE HELL is this on the album...
Track 3 - Shawty Wats Up
Track 12 - Need That

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3Pleanstly Surprised  May 14, 2009
By Derrick Dunn "The Realest DJ"
I'll be the first to admit that there isn't one powerhouse group in modern R&B, that could hold a candle to legends like New Edition, The Whispers or Boyz II Men, however with their sophomore CD, Day26 proves their up to the job. After a lackluster & disappointing first album, I wasn't looking forward to another album from the group and I honestly hoped they would fade in R&B obscurity. However given the P. Diddy is a marketing genius, we now have a second album from the group. On my first listen the album didn't start out too promising when it came to the up-tempo tracks. I've never cared for Imma Put it On Her and I'm truly sick of T-Pain who appears on one of the album's weakest tracks Shawty Wass Up. However when I arrived at track 7 with the ballad Perfectly Blind, the CD began to pick up stem. The four songs that follow "So Good", "Girlfriend", "Babymaker" and "Then There's You" are all some of the best material the group has recorded and shows them harmonizing at their best. After some nice slow cuts were treated to the Jermaine Dupri assisted it which is the second weakest song CD following Shawty Wass Up, listening to this song was worse than hearing Kris Allen sing on American Idol. After another ballad the CD closes out with a weakly with "Your Heels" feat. Jazza Pha & un-needed bonus track. Forever In A Day is no where near as classic as New Edition's Heartbreak or Boyz II Men's A Journey Through Hitsville CD's, however the ballads constitute giving this CD a listen.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

3From Good to a Little Better.  Apr 15, 2009
By Eddie Yarbrough
There has been a lack of great R&B in the universe since the demise of "Neo-Soul" music. Let's face it, we wish Erykah Badu, John Legend, Music Soulchild, India.Irie, and Jill Scott were still making it hard for people to make sub-par, over produced, pop (bubble gum) R&B albums. Few have tried to find the soul in R&B music recently (Lyfe Jennings, J. Holiday, Robin Thicke) but have not found the popularity or radio and video circulation of the Ushers and Justin Timberlakes of the world.
Enter Day 26. We know the story of 5 young musical upstarts who were chosen by music mogul/svengali P. Diddy to be the next big stars on his label Bad Boy Entertainment via the uber popular, mind numbing MTV show Making the Band 4. (The season that also gave birth to ever struggling artist Donnie Klang.)The debut album entered the charts at #1 and was touted by some as "better than we thought it would be".
With the group's second offering, Forever In a Day, the guys sound more mature with some of the best harmonies heard from a "boy band" (Let's face it, they're a boy band!) since Boys II Men. Tracks like the lead single "Imma Put It On Her" and "Stadium Music" showcase the guys vocals eloquently. "Bipolar" is a standout track with both a peculiar production by C-Major accented by odd vocal choices that somehow work.
The down side to Forever In a Day is it's failure to move past the group's debut album. Vocally the album features a little growth, but not so much you notice on the first listen. We know these guys have insane vocal ability but somehow there's the sneaking suspicion that there's more. The content of the album, though, is simple and yet more of the bump 'n grind R&B.
If anyone has watched this season of MTB 4 you're familiar with the struggle within the group over the direction of this album. What has resulted with the final product of Forever In a Day confirms that one embattled member of group may have been right about Day 26 taking more risks.

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

2The first album was better...TOO MUCH WILL ON THIS ONE!  Apr 17, 2009
By Mochachip
This album has SOME good tracks, but there's only about 3 great songs. Their first album was way better. The song selection was poor on this one. They should've included Lemme Luv U Girl and Anything on the album. I can do without Shawty Wussup and Bipolar. Gosh those are horrible.

I'm so tired of hearing Willie lead all the time. Let's be real-Mike and Rob are the best singers...can we hear more of them? Also, I know why Q isn't on a lot of leads, but he's got a unique sound that adds variety to the group. My opinions upon the first listen are:

1. Just Getting Started- this is terrible. I couldn't even listen to the whole song. Terrible. They shouldn't have ever started with that one.

2. Imma Put it On Her- Obviously it's tight and my favorite so far. It woulda been better w/o 'Ciroq Obama' thoguh. Honestly I could've done w/o Yung Joc too.

3. Shawty Wats up? - Are you serious? Day 26 wussup? This song would've been better w/o T-Pain. T-Pain is much better with rappers than other singers who sing better than him.

4. Think of Me- Nice song. I like this a lot. Classic R&B....would've sounded better if Q had the 1st verse though.

5. Stadium Music- Nice one. Of course-all the leaked ones are.

6. BiPolar- Was this an experiment? It failed. The writing is REALLY bad on this one.

7. Perfectly Blind-Mike and Rob should be the only ones on this track. Otherwise the song is whack-I feel like they tried too hard.

8. So Good- Hot track.

9. Girlfriend-It's just OK. I don't like the writing in this song.

10. Babymaker- Good song. Gosh Rob kills tracks. He should've been the lead on this.

11. Then There's You- Boring. Nice melody, but Ne-yo woulda been better on it.

12. Need That-I actually like this other than Jermaine Dupri's random part.

13. Reminds Me of You- I like it. It's pretty.

14. Your Heels- LOVE IT! Q on the hook was great. Great cohesiveness.

15. Truth is a Lie- Good Song.

*16. One Nite Only (ITUNES BONUS)...Great song. Should've been on the album from the beginning.

Overall, I give it a 2.5/5. The other one was better in my opinion, but the songs sound cleaner production wise on this one. The songs on the last album that were good were REALLY good. These good ones are just good, but not really great. This is a decent album, but there's not a whole lot of songs that pop like the first one. I prefer the R&B sound on the last one. Next time I recommend less Willie and more Mike. The cd picked up after track #7.

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