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Dutty Rock
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Dutty Rock  (Audio CD) 

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Arguably one of the biggest stories in the music industry the year of its release, Sean Paul's Atlantic debut "Dutty Rock" spawned 2 Top 10 hits with "Gimme the Light" (#7) and "Get Busy". He duets with Destiny's Child's Beyonce on her single "Baby Boy". This revised edition of "Dutty Rock" (new selection number)includes the smash hit "Baby Boy" with Beyonce. The addition of this new track and the increased radio, TV and media exposure will no doubt keep him there for a long time to come. The stars could no more be aligned for Sean Paul than they are right now!

Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: September 02, 2003
Studio: VP Records / Alantic
Number Of Discs: 1
Format: CD
Average Customer Rating: based on 157 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Dutty Rock Intro
2. Shout (Stret Repect)
3. Gimme The Light
4. Like Glue
5. Get Busy
6. Baby Boy
7. Top Of The Game
8. Ganja Breed
9. Concrete
10. I'm Still In Love With You
11. International Affair
12. Can You Do The Work
13. Punkie
14. My Name
15. Junkin' Punny
16. Gimme The Light (Pass The Dro-Voisier Remix)
17. Bubble
18. Shake That Thing
19. Esa Loca
20. Punkie (Espanol)
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 157 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

22 of 26 found the following review helpful:

By Jason N Walker
After the very successful debut album Stage One, Sean Paul has come out with a sophmore album. The album has already had huge attention do the hype that has been given to the song "Gimme The Light.
The album which was orignally supposed to be released in May is filled with hits. "Gimme the Light" is one of the most played and requested songs throughout the United States. Although it came out early 2001 and was on a riddiim that got strong play in the Dancehall, it has found a new market a market that mostly does not even know much about Dancehall.
Gimme the light is one of the best examples why this artist does well. His ability to sit on a riddim is equalled by very few (superstars like Super Cat and Buju Banton come to mind) and the flow of his voice is just magic. Of course the video with actual Jamaican dancers doing Jamaican dances directed by Little X was a huge help also.
This is the first dancehall song that has not been remixed or taken from it's original format and found such success in the United States, making it historic.
Another big hit on the album is Like Glue which was a huge hit in the Dancehall in 2001. The riddim caller the Buy Out was done by one of the best producers in Jamaiacan history, Tony Kelly.
Can You Do The Work (featuring Ce'Cile) was the song that Sean did on the big riddim for 2001, the Liquid, which was built by his manager Jeremy Harding. The song is a classic, Cecile and Sean Paul go back and forth having the classic boy meets girl argument. The steamy and creative lyrics these young stars come up with are amazing.
Punkie is a huge hit that Sean did for Richie "D" Martin on the Grooving riddim, a riddim which in itself is classic. He does a spanish version of the song at the end of the CD and he surprised me with his mastering of the spanich tongue.
I'm Still In Love With You (featuring Sasha, this is a remake of huge hit that was done by (Reggae Legend) Alton Ellis in the 60's and redone by the Marcia Aitkens who took it to number one on the British Charts. The remastering done by producers Steely & Clevie brings a fresheness to the old Classic, yet it does not stray from the richness of the original song. Sasha and Sean Paul ride the tune like masters.
Gimme The Light Remix (featuring Busta Rhymes) done by Sean's brother Jason "Jigzagula" Henriques also brings a new angle to the song. Busta with his Jamaican ancestry rides the riddim well (thank God they did not put hip hop beats in there) and then Sean makes up new lyrics just for the remix, Wicked!!
There are also some new songs on their such as "Get Busy" which is done on the most popular riddim in Dancehall right now The Dwali. He also sings the song "Bubbles" with one of Jamaica's most creative artists Farenheit. Also listen for Shout!!
the CD is definitely worth having Memba me told you. It is a collector's item already for it's historic feat of breaking through that hard wall set up for non american music to be kept out of the Main Stream. My Only problem with this CD is that unlike the first one it is not enhanced.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Dutty Rockin' Mon!  Sep 15, 2003

I'm a big fan of Sean Paul's "Dutty Rock". Sean Paul puts together some surprisingly slick ryhmes to his Dance Hall beats. As far as I can see, this album has two downsides. One is his accent-- it makes him hard to understand. Second, most of the songs repeat themselves again. But if you have no problem with that, then buy this cd! My favorite tracks include:
Like Glue: Nice beat, nice lyrics. All around good song, I could listen to it over and over.
Top of the Game: I LOVE this track! I'm such a huge fan of Rahzel, and he brightens this track up so much! I often find it stuck in my head, which isnt a bad thing.
I'm Still in Love with You: This is a GREAT Jamaican love balad! At first I thought it was tacky and annoying, and then realized it was unique and awesome...but "That's a dutty dutty love..."
International Affair: This is my favorite track on the cd. Great party song, with a nice dance beat. I could listen to this song ALL day, and still be "Dutty rockin' it from Kingston, JA"
Can You Do the Work: This is a very popular reggae beat.(also the beat to "give it to her hard" by tanto metro and devonte)
Not the most appropriate song for everyone to hear, but very, very slick.
My Name: This song has some of my favorite lyrics on the whole cd. must hear, must listen, must LOVE.
Other songs worth listening to are "Punkie", "Shake that Thing", "Gimme the Light Remix", and "It's On"
If I havent stressed this enough, THIS IS A GREAT CD!

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5Coolest CD EVER!  Jul 15, 2003
By Jazmi "kamaita"
This is, by far, the coolest thing I have ever heard. I love listening to this album because the songs are so much fun and the beats are so cool. It's just so hard to resist getting up and dancing to it. It's a really good sophomore effort from Sean Paul, although you can never understand a word he's saying. I love Gimmie the Light, Like Glue, Get Busy, Top of the Game, Punkie (English and Spanish versions), Esa Loca, and the Gimmie the Light remix with Busta Rhymes. Tony Toca and R.O.B.B made great additions to the album also. If you don't have this CD yet, you're missing out because this is really great music. I never would've thought that I'd get into something like this, but it's hard to resist. It stays in my CD player all of the time. Believe me, if you buy this album, it will probably never leave your stereo from the time you take it out of the case. This is truly a great addition to any CD collection. Everyone should go out and buy this.

17 of 22 found the following review helpful:

5Extraordinary sophmore effort  Dec 01, 2002
By stbo "sodero"
I would definitely have to agree with the earlier reviewers that this album was worth the wait. The thing I like about Sean Paul is the energy and creativity he puts into every track. I had to admit I was a little worried about how much of his wicked, original style would be diluted with the mainstream influence. With Dutty Rock Sean doesn't dilute, but rather helps elevate dance hall to another level.
Like Stage One, I can nod my head to this album from start to finish. "Gimme the Light" is obviously getting the mainstream play, but the best tracks on the album in my opinion are "Like Glue" (LOVE that riddim!!), the remake of "I'm Still in Love" (A successful reincarnation of a classic), "Can You Do the Work" (Nice collab with a very talented artist in Ce'Cile), and "Punkie" (I don't even speak Spanish but I love both versions). He rounds out the album with some other great tracks doing collaborations with great artists from the Hip Hop and Dance Hall world. The remix of "Gimme the Light" with Busta Rhymes is definitely a banger for the Hip Hop heads.
I was slightly disappointed with a couple tracks, like "Essa Loca" and that "Bubble" track. I guess I was expecting more from collaborations with Tony Touch and the Neptunes. Nevertheless, this album is extraordinary for a sophmore effort, and a great primer for those who have been sleepin' on dance hall music. It's amazing but yet a long time coming for artists like Sean to break into mainstream, American music culture. Hopefully Sean won't have to sacrifice his original sound to keep doing so. Nuff Respect Sean!! DUTTY EHH!!!!

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Review for "Dutty Rock" by Sean Paul  Jul 11, 2005
By Robert Koehler
Usually, it gets on my nerves when half of an album is collaborations, because it leaves me feeling like the artist isn't good enough to sing songs by themself. (For example, all of Ciara's big hits have been collaborations). But with Sean Paul, it seems like collaborations are almost a necessity. While some of the fillers, notably "Punkie", are great, it's the big hits that attract the most attention. Even light dancehall fans will have heard "I'm Still In Love With You" (featuring Sasha) and most will report that they love it. "Baby Boy" is OK, but I'm just tired of Beyoncé. "Gimme The Light" and "Like Glue" are the two main hits from this album, and they are the ones that most fans favor. Sean Paul is a very talented and -authentic- Jamaican rapper, which is one of the things I admire about him. He's not pretending to be something he's not, like so many artists today try to do. I wouldn't say this album is very "reggae", like many people expect. It is definetely across between dancehall and rap. It's a unique sound that I just love. I recommend this album to ANYONE trying to experience a different kind of music.

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