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Anywhere But Here
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Anywhere But Here  (Audio CD) 
by Mayday Parade

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After selling over 130,000 copies of their 2007 Fearless Records debut full length album 'A Lesson In Romantics', over 35,000 copies sold of 'Tales Told By Dead Friends' EP, and non stop touring with bands such as All Time Low, The Maine, Metro Station, and others while on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour; Mayday Parade is gearing up for their major label debut on Fearless/Atlantic Records with the release of 'Anywhere But Here' on October 6th. The album's title track premiered on July 29th on the band's Myspace and has already garnered a huge buzz leading into their first single 'The Silence'.

Product Details:
Audio CD Release Date: October 06, 2009
Studio: Atlantic
Number Of Discs: 2
Average Customer Rating: based on 24 reviews
Track Listing:
1. Kids In Love
2. Anywhere But Here
3. The Silence
4. Still Breathing
5. Bruised And Scarred
6. If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?
7. Save Your Heart
8. Get Up
9. Center Of Attention
10. I Swear This Time I Mean It
11. The End
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 24 customer reviews )
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3Mayday Parade, Only Different  Oct 06, 2009
By The Boleyn Girl
Anywhere But Here is second full-length album from alternative rock band Mayday Parade. The Tallahassee-based group has always been set apart from others in its genre for its heartfelt vocals, well-written lyrics, and general originality. After the success of their first album, A Lesson in Romantics--the cleverly-versed follow up to the EP, Tales Told by Dead Friends--Mayday Parade was highly praised by even those who like to complain about the sameness of most alternative bands. Mayday Parade was a different thing altogether, and in a very good way. In this second album, Mayday keeps its heartbreaking vocals, but loses something in the process of rearranging itself to a broader audience.

As most fans will know, this album marks the first time Mayday Parade has had to function without the lyrical support of Jason Lancaster, and the results are somewhat mixed. As expected, the lyrics are considerably less witty and poetic and sound somewhat less sincere as a result. However, frontman Derek Sanders' voice is so earnest (and, in this album, has matured to a smooth but still unique tone)that you still "feel" the songs. The instrumentals flow very nicely, and the composition is as good as ever, but the fact remains that without Lancaster, Mayday Parade is simply a different band. I still love them, and the band still ranks as one of my absolute favorites, but I must admit that I prefer their style from A Lesson in Romantics and the Tales Told By Dead Friends EP. Their sound was fresh and individual, whereas in Anywhere But Here the band seems to be following a preset pattern laid out for most typical alternative bands. The Silence and Get Up are both tracks that sound unremarkable and forgettable. However, I Swear This Time I Mean It, The Memory, and Save Your Heart are highlights and reflect the style that was so winning in A Lesson In Romantics.

Overall, Anywhere But Here is a worthy buy for Mayday Parade fans, and will probably win over legions of new supporters, but those who have loved Mayday Parade from the first will be a little disappointed by the new, more common-sounding style. 3.5 stars.

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3Structured Songs, Lancaster Departure Take Away What I Loved Most About Mayday Parade  Oct 07, 2009
By HuskerDog
Other than absolutely loving the music, the first thing that made an impression on me concerning Mayday Parade's "A Lesson In Romantics" album was the length of some of their song titles...14, 15, even 22 words long. Most of the songs didn't have a set-in-stone structure to them, yet the soaring melodies flowed so effortlessly, the music was so powerful, the vocals were performed so passionately and the lyrics were such that they made you think real hard (and the thinking was well worth it)... that after all was said and done, I have to rate that album as my favorite alternative/punk/emo record ever.

Immediately after discovering it, I wanted more! I wanted it to go on and on was (and still is) that good. So finally, Mayday puts out "Anywhere But Here", partnering with a major label for the first time, and my excitement upon hearing the news was over the top. Now, I have to admit, I never took much time digging into the specifics of who the band members were, and I don't have the means to see them in concert. All I had were these songs I had downloaded and were playing the heck out of.

Eventually I found out that shortly after the recording of it, one of the lead singers, Jason Lancaster, had left the band. That scared me for the future of this band, because another highlight of that album was the flawless intertwining of the two lead vocalists. Since I had no physical copy, I had no idea that Jason's was the voice I had fallen in love distinctive, so passionate, so incredible! That's not to put down Derek Sanders (the other lead vocalist), because he's awesome too...just not quite the emotive singer Jason is.

I've listened to this new one several times now, and while it's still good, it doesn't approach the quality of "A Lesson...". It would be difficult to label this an alternative rock album. Most of these songs are structured (verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, etc.) just like every other mainstream pop-rock album out there today. Most of the songs have choruses where the song title is sung and repeated (again, just like everything else out there). Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but when you find a band as creative with its songwriting as Mayday Parade was, you miss it when they don't follow up with their unique formula for writing (few songs on "A Lesson..." used the song title in the lyrics of the chorus). The point is, there's nothing special here to differentiate this from any other run-of-the-mill modern rock album.

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the opener, "Kids In Love". It's almost childish. The lyrics are, to be kind, bland. Lyrics referencing young love and first kisses are heard on more than one occasion. "Bruised And Scarred" has about as cliche of a chorus as you can get. Many songs, such as "Center Of Attention", just don't have much to offer, either musically or lyrically. To be fair, not all songs sound uninspired. While the overall performance and presentation is somewhat flat and stale, some songs remind you of the 'old' Mayday Parade. The two songs with the longest titles attempt to repeat the classics from "A Lesson...". They aren't bad, but without Jason the passion just isn't there. There are several similar songs that are somewhere-in-the-middle as far as quality goes...the title track, "The Silence", "Still Breathing", "Save Your Heart"...decent songs with good harmonies and melodies. "The End" is a good song, too (relatively speaking).

If you've never heard of Mayday Parade before, and you like mainstream rock music, chances are you'll like this album. Even many Mayday fans will accept the changes a little more gracefully than me and enjoy this record for a long time to come. In no way is this an awful album...otherwise I would have only given it one star. I'm only being harsh because I know what Mayday Parade is capable of. I'd hope that Jason would hop back on the bus for the next record and all would be well, but for now he's off trying to make something of his new band, Go Radio.

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5Amazing... Absolutely amazing. <3  Oct 15, 2009
By Stephanie Trujillo
The new Mayday Parade cd is so amazing. I haven't even had it for a full day and I love it. The vocals are beautiful. Everyone is complaining about Jason leaving... But I think the band is still awesome. The lyrics are still meaningful and they are still very emotional. I recommend picking this cd up. My favorite song is I Swear This Time I Mean It.

I'm a huge Mayday Parade fan. <3

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5Anywhere But Here is anything but ordinary  Oct 16, 2009
By J. Johnston
The new Mayday Parade album, Anywhere But Here, absolutely rocks! It has everything from happy, upbeat, tunes to ballads fulls of beautifully written lyrics. These guys are amazing. I don't think I've ever heard a single song by them that wasn't instantly soothing to my ears! Anyone who buys this album will NOT be disappointed.

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5As expected. Another great album!  Mar 02, 2010
By icecle
I absolutely love Anywhere But Here album! I love Kids In Love, Bruised and Scared and I Swear This Time I Mean It. I went to their show a couple of days ago, they sounded good!

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